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Vision Network Solutions (VNS) has supported Combined Artistic Productions' IT requirements since 2004. This includes regular site visits and remote monitoring of servers, networking and Internet equipment, as well as over-the-phone support.

Combined Artistic Productions produces M-NET's flagship actuality programme, Carte Blanche. Carte Blanche exclusively makes use of HP products, except in the area of video editing where we make use of Apple Macs.

Carte Blanche has significant storage requirements and as we work primarily with HD footage, large files need to travel over a scalable and robust network. VNS has helped in the roll-out and maintenance of the office network.

As we deal with sensitive data, security is critical. We need to trust the company we use and I have found the team at VNS to reliable, trustworthy and efficient. The team has also offered support in the areas of procurement, phone integration (both mobile and fixed) to Exchange, backup requirements, and Internet connectivity.

I highly recommend them.


Peter Griffiths
Associate Editor: Carte Blanche
Technical Projects Manager: Combined Artistic Productions

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