Business owners and IT departments stand to gain a lot from Server Virtualization, from secure and reliable IT infrastructure to improved disaster recovery and cost savings. Server Virtualization is a method of partitioning a physical server and its resources into a number of small, virtual server instances with the use of virtualization software.

In a virtualized server environment, each virtual server runs its own operating system in a software container on top of the host server. Below are some of the reasons that server virtualization is beneficial to businesses and has become so popular:

Easier Backups and Improved Disaster Recovery

Any business can be prone to cyber-attacks, natural disasters and loss of critical data. It is easier to back up virtualized servers by quickly making copies of VM files which can easily be accessed in case of emergencies. The same can be quite difficult when dealing with disparate physical servers.

Ensures Business Continuity

Another reason why small business should virtualize servers is to ensure there are no interruptions when your business upgrades or diversifies its operations. Server virtualization has a feature known as live migration which enables operations to continue during migrations as it eliminates the necessity for downtime.

Cut Costs & Improve Efficiency

One of the most important reasons why small business should virtualize servers is to enable more efficient use of computing resources with regards to processor, RAM and hard drive space. Less physical hardware means cost savings on IT expenditure.

Server virtualization also saves on energy costs as you only need a single host server for all your virtualized server instances.

Easy Testing of Security Patches and Updates

You can test new software updates on the virtualized servers before launching them on your live systems. This helps locate unanticipated problems arising from the installation of the updates or patches. Software development teams will then find it easy to troubleshoot devices.

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