The demand for professional web design services is growing by the day. Today, anyone in need of these services looks for a design company that can achieve the level of functionality, responsiveness and monetization required for a successful online presence.

When preparing for a web development project, it is important to determine and understand its purpose - Consider the following functions of a website:

Establishing Credibility, Trust and Brand Awareness

One of the main reason businesses engage the services of professional web designers or developers is to create a point of presence which establishes credibility, builds trust with existing and potential customers and promotes their brand, products or services.

Direct Sales, Lead Generation and Communication

Commercial websites provide a storefront that is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. Through this storefront, you can sell directly to your customers, keep them informed and engage with them to promote your products and services. With the right conversion strategies, you can turn these leads into active customers and advocates of your brand.

Professional Website Design Services

A website is a resource and tool you cannot afford to ignore. Depending on your services, products, and business offering, you need to hire a professional who can consult, conceptualize, develop and support the ideal website for your specific requirements.

In doing so, they will provide your target audience with the content they need – presented in a way that will entice them to purchase your products, procure your services or otherwise engage with your company and brand.

We have developed an effective and unique approach to translating our clients' requirements into meaningful and effectual online experiences for their customers and visitors:

Discovery and Consultation – Before we can deliver an effective solution, we need to fully understand your business, its goals, culture and strategy. We take a long look at your industry and your competitors to ensure that the outcome will elevate your business in your market segment and also deliver on your requirements.

Advise and Conceptualize - Our clients need to focus on their businesses and do not want to be bogged down trying to decipher and understand technology. We make recommendations on best practices, technology platforms and marketing tools to ensure that the chosen technology fits your business, not the other way round.

In this phase we also consider the following:

- The site “look & feel” and overall aesthetic (design, graphics, and media)

- The message and image you want to communicate to visitors and potential customers

- The structure and navigation of the site

- The website content, both textual and visual

- Website update procedures – Self-managed or outsourced?

- Whether or not to monetize the website – Point of presence, E-Commerce or Advertising

- Additional website functionality such as form submissions and newsletter sign-ups etc.

- User logins and management

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing and long term website promotion

- Project timeframe and budget

Build & Implement – This is where we take care of the heavy lifting by designing and developing your site based on the decisions made in the previous stages. Where possible, we will provide an out-of-the-box solution that will save you money and deliver the desired outcome. Some projects however, will require a custom-built solution and we can deliver bespoke applications to meet your specific requirements. We adopt a modular approach to design & development so should your objectives or offerings change, your website can be adapted accordingly.

Support and Manage - As your business and product offerings evolve, your web presence needs to reflect this evolution and so your website becomes an ongoing project. Some clients choose to manage this themselves and we provide them with the tools, training & support to do so successfully.

Other clients prefer to outsource the management of their online presence entirely, and we accommodate this via Service Level Agreements or on an ad-hoc basis. Whichever you choose, you can be assured of a personalized, attentive and professional partnership.

We also offer comprehensive training as well as an initial "hand-holding" period while you familiarize yourself with the management of your site and content. Additional support is provided by our helpdesk which also assists with technical and billing queries.

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