A cyber attack can cause significant data loss and many hours of downtime to any business. However, you can minimize the chance of this costly situation by choosing to partner with managed IT services. An IT service provider will give your company the ultimate protection against any cyber threat and will monitor your network at all times.

Managed IT services will also ensure your business remains on the cutting edge of technology and is always available to provide additional IT support for employees.

IT security is a top concern in the workplace and here are just three ways a managed service provider will keep your business protected against a wide variety of cyber threats.

Anti-Virus Software & Security Updates

New viruses are constantly emerging, and it is essential to partner with an IT service company that specializes in anti-virus and malware protection. An IT service company will ensure your business has the latest anti-virus software and will automatically install new security updates on a regular basis. These security updates play a critical role in the protection of your company, and a managed service provider will ensure each computer has the latest updates for the maximum protection against these threats.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication gives your company an additional layer of protection and ensures a hacker needs more than a password to access your account. Two-factor authentication requires a user to verify logging into an account by sending a text message or an email with a special access code. Ultimately, this will give your company much-needed protection against cybercriminals and is well worth the extra effort to ensure your accounts in the workplace are always safe and secure.

Data Backup Services

An IT support company will automatically create data backups on a daily basis to ensure your data is always well-protected. These data backups are uploaded onto the cloud and can be accessed from any location that has access to the internet. Data that is uploaded onto the cloud is much more secure than locally stored data backups, as local data backups can be easily damaged due to a natural disaster. However, data uploaded to the cloud is protected with encryption and is monitored at all times.

Cyber crimes will only continue to grow more costly, and it is the mission of a managed service provider to keep businesses protected at all times. An IT provider plays a critical role in cybersecurity through the use of anti-virus software, two-factor authentication, and data backup services. Of course, cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to steal data in the workplace, but a managed service provider plays a key role in protecting businesses.

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