Virtualization is where a single piece of server hardware runs a base operating system with one or more operating systems or "virtual servers" running on top of it. This is achieved by running professional virtualization software such as VMware or Microsoft's HyperV.

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Should you experience a failure as a result of dirty power, theft, sabotage or drive failure, you just need new hardware along with your most recent backup to restore your ENTIRE system including the Server OS, Active Directory, Shared Printers and all other data such as Mail and Documents. No reconfiguration of the network or workstations is required.

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Why Virtualize your Environment?

Cost Savings Disk images are used instead of expensive tape backups.
More Efficient Use of Resources The ability to move Virtual Machines from one piece of hardware to another when hardware is faulty or needs to be upgraded.
Scalability No need to purchase a new server - simply add more RAM and hard drive space and more servers can be added to your base hardware.
Quicker Recovery Times You just need new hardware and the backup to restore your entire system including operating systems, mail & documents.

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