It was not that long ago that the Internet was brand new -- the playground of geeks and tech enthusiasts. In those early days, most businesses could afford to ignore the online world, and not having a website was not that big a deal.

Those days are long gone, and today no business, no matter how small, can afford to ignore their web presence. Even if your firm does all of its business in the brick-and-mortar world, potential customers will want to check you out online before they walk through your doors. If you do not have a web presence at all, or if potential clients do not like what they see, you could be losing out on thousands of Rands in sales month after month.

Cyber-attacks can destroy your business. Before you invest in high-tech security systems to detect prying eyes, invest in your best line of defense: your employees. With a little training and a lot of awareness, you and your employees can prevent information thieves from accessing your financial data, customer records and proprietary information.

Drill yourself and your employees in the following practices, and you will take a giant leap forward in protecting your company. All of these guidelines are actionable without buying any additional software. Make it clear that you are practicing these guidelines yourself and you are likely to get buy-in on keeping information safe.

The demand for professional web design services is growing by the day. Today, anyone in need of these services looks for a design company that can achieve the level of functionality, responsiveness and monetization required for a successful online presence.

When preparing for a web development project, it is important to determine and understand its purpose - Consider the following functions of a website:

Establishing Credibility, Trust and Brand Awareness

One of the main reason businesses engage the services of professional web designers or developers is to create a point of presence which establishes credibility, builds trust with existing and potential customers and promotes their brand, products or services.

Running a small or mid-sized organization? Outsourcing your IT support services to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can make your business more efficient, cost-effective and secure.

Below are some of the benefits you gain by considering this a go-to-option.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Sometimes the size of your business can prevent you from performing IT functions at a consistent and reasonable cost. If you are running a small business for example, hiring and training full-time IT support staff is expensive and you may not have enough work to keep them busy full-time.

Gone are the days when people relied on newspapers and the yellow pages to gather information about businesses and what they offer. Advancements in technology and specifically the internet, demand that companies have well designed and professional websites to make themselves known to the public.

To prove this, a study conducted in the United States revealed that 70% of the adult population researched products and services on the internet before going out to buy them and 63% of online shoppers reported that they make use of search engines to get more information about products before making a purchase.

Virtualization has changed the dynamics of the data center. While yielding benefits such as enhanced performance and reduced costs, virtualization presents significant challenges for protecting and recovering virtual machine (VM) and application data. 

Traditional backup and recovery options for virtualized environments - like agents—have long been the weak links in the virtualization chain. These processes can be complex and costly, slowing down your system performance with excessive overhead.

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